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Somethings are different in the first 5 weeks!

If your class is going on only in the 2nd semester, there are somethings different in the first 5 weeks!!

>week 1 : Grouping and buy textbook!

>week 2 and 3 : the other exp01(exp09 on this website)

>week 4 and 5 : the other exp02(exp10 or the original exp01 on this website)

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影片與教材為舊版,但已更正為正確內容_there are still old ver. videos and teaching materials.(the problems (wrong contents) has been corrected!! )

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101 first semester physics experiment scientific papers contest is start awarding!

***Coming to Physics Laboratory accept the award! ***
1.Award Location: Office of General Physics Laboratory (Awarding officers: Miss 林映琦 . If there have any problem, please contact:
2.Awarding time: 08:30-10:30 in the morning, from June 10 to June 21
3.Student I.D. is needed when you get the prize!

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101 first semester General Physics Experiment Scientific Paper Competition winner list

1.The scope of appraisal is four papers in the first semester
2.The awarding time of gift certificates and certificates will announce in the web pages (Department of Physics, General Physics Laboratory website)

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